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"Alicia gave wonderful, in depth insight into my chart and my life. She was able to fluidly move between real time transit, lifetime, themes, career, relationships, – anything I wanted to focus on. She does a wonderful blend of herbalism recommendations, combined with astrology, and though I have studied astrology, taught me many new dynamics I had never studied before. She went above and beyond, and wrote me a wonderful summary after our session, illuminating, when would be the best timing to pursue certain projects in the year to come. Thank you, Alicia!"

-MR, Astrology Client


"I am fairly new to astrology and Alicia has been integral in helping me understand astrology and the tools that it offers. She offered me a reading and will occasionally provide me other astrological guidance at different times in my life when I am going through shifts or experiencing challenges. Alicia brings embodied curiosity and rigor to her readings. She is excellent at bringing in a systems lens to the process to help me understand how I fit into the bigger picture. She also brings an anti-oppression lens which helps me understand how my own experience influences and is influenced by the world around me. Alicia is an excellent astrological mentor and I hope to return to her offerings frequently."

-Anonymous Astrology Client

"I love the broadness of Alicia's scope of knowledge as well as her personability in delivering the information! Definitely felt like I got a great crash course in some basics of (progressed) astrology as well as some fun herbal ideas that I am looking forward to explore."

-LD, Herbal and Astrology Client

Night Sky with Stars
Cherry Blossom

"I would highly highly recommend Alicia to anyone looking to get an astrology reading or just trying to get to know themselves better. In my session, Alicia was thorough, concise, and stopped many times throughout the material to make sure I was able to understand complex ideas that we were discussing about my chart. She gave me choices in specific areas I wanted to focus on and was EXTREMELY knowledgeable and able to answer any questions I had. She came to the session fully prepared, timely, and made it feel like a very safe space to discuss my chart and how it impacts my life. Not to mention she is just a lovely human to chat with!"

-CC, Astrology Client


"Alicia provided a clear and detailed breakdown of my natal chart, and has a pleasant easy going demeanor to engage with. I felt benefitted and informed from my session with her."

-RDS, Astrology Client

Forest Trees
Sunrise over Mountains

"I was and am immediately impressed with Alicia’s knowledge in astrology. My reading was informative and she made it interesting and easy to understand. This experience was very cool and I would recommend it to anyone who is curious about themselves."

-SB, Astrology Client


"I am very much a beginner when it comes to anything related to astrology, but Alicia did a great job laying out the basics for me while also giving a detailed look into my birth chart during our session. It was about an hour long and by the end I felt I had a labeled chart that I could refer back to. She made things very easy and understandable and was also open to feedback as we went in the session. Overall a great experience :)"

-LR, Astrology Client

River Rapids

"The second tea blend that Alicia made was really tasty and the first tea blend felt really nourishing. Really looking forward to our next session ☺️"

-JG, Herbal Tea Client

Mountain Cabin
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