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Welcome! My name is Alicia Cielle Heiser (she/her) and I am an Herbal Astrologer who offers astrology readings, herbal consultations and teachings aimed at facilitating empowerment, harmony and relationship with ourselves and the more-than-human world. I have a history of social and nonprofit work and have always had a love for mystical topics and modalities that encourage more connection with ourselves and the world around us.

I practice Hellenistic and Traditional Astrology and have studied extensively with Kelly Surtees. I have over 500 hours of herbal training and I am also a certified Wilderness First Responder through NOLS. I have studied herbs through Artemisia Academy, completing both their Herbal Apprentice Program and Community Herbalist Program. I have also served as an intern at the Herb Pharm tincture making company. In this program, we lived and worked on the farm and formed close, personal relationships with dozens of herbs. We also received


approximately 100 hours of herbal instruction from over 10 highly respected and well-trained herbalists from Oregon and Northern California. 


My primary commitment in life is to cast webs of healing and it is important to specify what exactly "healing" means to me, as many of us have different connotations and associations with this concept and word. In my practice, healing is a process of alignment with one’s internal cycles and the cycles of the world around us so that we may experience more vitality, cohesion and felt safety in our daily lives.


Too often in modern society, healing can be confused with perfectionism, pushing people to act like machines and tricking us into thinking there's a final, static end goal for our bodies. My approach to healing is emphatically different and primarily oriented around helping my clients better meet life on life's terms. My consultations and teachings are focused on working with the body's vital life force to enhance our strengths and support things we may experience as difficult. I focus on the ways that spirit, land, culture, interpersonal relationships and connection with ourselves all interweave to shape our conditions, with an understanding of the ways that racism, ableism, heteronormativity and all other forms of oppression deeply shape the lived realities of all of us. Everybody deserves to feel safe in their body. Safety is an internal, felt reality that can be cultivated with support, and that is a major focus in my Astrological and Herbal practice.

I first came to herbalism and astrology with a desire to find more cohesion within myself, as I have a long history with trauma and abuse that has caused a number of health difficulties for me in my life. Through my own healing journey, I have developed a strong sense of the slow and cyclical ways that our bodies work, with a deep trust that our bodies are healing organisms that can do incredible things with even the gentlest support. My own lived experiences greatly inform my practice and my consultations are focused on giving you practical and tangible guidance to better understand and support your own vital life force and fundamental needs and desires. 

I offer natal astrology readings and handcraft personalized herbal tea blends. My offerings are aimed at facilitating a greater sense of empowerment and harmony with your own cycles and the cycles interweaving around you. Astrology readings with me are focused on tangible life topics important to you, such as relationships, health, work and what makes you feel resourced. While those are examples, astrology is designed to provide clarity and guidance around virtually any life topic, like looking at a trail map to get more context for the conditions you are navigating. Personalized tea blends include a mini herbal consultation and an herbal formula handcrafted for you based on your personal intentions, astrology, temperament and physical needs. For more information and to schedule an astrology reading or to order a personalized tea blend, please visit my Offerings Page:

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