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What People Are Saying:

"I would highly highly recommend Alicia to anyone looking to get an astrology reading or just trying to get to know themselves better. In my session, Alicia was thorough, concise, and stopped many times throughout the material to make sure I was able to understand complex ideas that we were discussing about my chart. She gave me choices in specific areas I wanted to focus on and was EXTREMELY knowledgeable and able to answer any questions I had. She came to the session fully prepared, timely, and made it feel like a very safe space to discuss my chart and how it impacts my life. Not to mention she is just a lovely human to chat with!"

-CC, Astrology Client


In an astrology reading with me, I incorporate Hellenistic and Medieval techniques that look at your natal chart and timing factors that are affecting your life. We can discuss life topics important to you, such as relationships, life direction, what makes you feel resourced, or anything else around which you'd like more clarity and understanding. All of my astrology readings are offered online via Zoom. 

Astrology is useful for understanding many aspects of life and we can discuss what's important to you:

1. Improving friendships, romantic and familial relationships

2. Finding greater meaning in your life and clarifying purpose

3. Understanding better what makes you feel resourced, including money

4. Looking at tricky life patterns AND natural gifts 

5. Healing and releasing shame and fear

And so much more! 


A reading with me will usually begin with grounding into the space to bring more intention and awareness. Then, we'll spend a bit of time getting to know each other and this work. Natal chart readings are all about understanding existing patterns and energy flows in your life so that you can more effectively work with them. My intention is that you will leave the reading with tangible action steps for moving towards what you care about and that you'll have a greater sense of how planetary movements influence your life.


If you select that you would like herbal guidance included in your consultation, I will share herbal knowledge relevant to your chart to help ground the experience. You will receive a handpicked list of herbs and healthful lifestyle practices intended to be supportive for you based on your natal chart and personal intentions. 

DISCLAIMER: My offerings are educational in nature and do not replace the advice of a licensed health care provider. None of my statements or tea blends have been evaluated by the FDA and I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe. Herbs can sometimes cause adverse reactions and I encourage all clients to stop taking herbs immediately if any discomfort arises. I also encourage all clients who are pregnant, nursing, have medical conditions or are on medications to discuss any herbs with a licensed medical provider.

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