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Empowering You Through

Astrology and Herbalism


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I offer a range of services that aim to facilitate embodiment, harmony and relationship with ourselves and the more-than-human world. My astrology readings help you understand yourself and your place in the cosmos. My herbal consultations offer personalized herbal and vitalist recommendations to support your physical and emotional health. In the future, I will also offer teachings and workshops to deepen your connection with the natural world and your own inner landscape.


I am an Herbal Astrologer focused on encouraging a greater understanding of the cyclical nature of the world and the ways that we as humans fit within the greater whole. I aim to integrate the wisdom of the stars, the healing power of plants and the experience

of being human to help people feel more embodied, connected and safe within themselves.


My blog is a place to explore the intersection of astrology, herbalism, and embodiment. I share insights, resources, and personal experiences to support your journey of healing and growth. From astrological forecasts to herbal lore and how-to information, my blog is a space for inspiration and education.

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"I am fairly new to astrology and Alicia has been integral in helping me understand astrology and the tools that it offers. She offered me a reading and will occasionally provide me other astrological guidance at different times in my life when I am going through shifts or experiencing challenges. Alicia brings embodied curiosity and rigor to her readings. She is excellent at bringing in a systems lens to the process to help me understand how I fit into the bigger picture. She also brings an anti-oppression lens which helps me understand how my own experience influences and is influenced by the world around me. Alicia is an excellent astrological mentor and I hope to return to her offerings frequently."
-Anonymous Astrology Client

Image by Alicia Cielle Art

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